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In the fall of 2015, the Superion team released our first commercially available product.  Based on an Intel MAX 10 FPGA, this product led to a family of FPGA-powered development platforms, embedded module solutions, and the creation of our product development brand Alorium Technology.

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Hinj | IoT Sensor Hub & Development Board

The Story

Rapid Prototype Board | Superion Technology

Our path toward embedded solution development started with a simple microcontroller-based rapid prototype we created for a local entrepreneur and inventor.

And though this prototype did not continue through to production, the exercise opened our eyes to new possibilities for how we might be able to apply our ASIC, FPGA and system engineering experience and capabilities to new applications and markets.

In early 2015, we saw a unique opportunity to bring the benefits of FPGA acceleration to a somewhat unsuspecting market: the Maker Movement and Arduino ecosystem.

XLR8 FPGA Development Board | Alorium Technology

Intel’s MAX 10 FPGA was the perfect combination of performance, features, size and cost to create an 8-bit AVR compatible microcontroller platform integrated into and enhanced by FPGA hardware.

And based on that idea, the Alorium Technology XLR8 board was born. FPGA-powered, programmable with Arduino, and easy to use, XLR8 opened the door for adding FPGA performance to microcontroller based products.

Alorium Technology's products are used in commercial, scientific, and industrial applications.

From XLR8, more products have been launched with different features and physical footprints allowing Alorium product adoption beyond Makers to commercial, scientific, and industrial applications.

With a range of FPGA sizes and board features with Arduino programmability and compatibility across the product family, our XLR8 platform products provide a great option for adding FPGA performance to your embedded or IoT solution.

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Hinj | FPGA Iot Sensor Hub & Development Board
XLR8 | Arduino Compatible FPGA Development Board
Snō | Arduino Compatible FPGA Module | Alorium Technology

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Hinj | FPGA IoT Sensor Hub & Development Board